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Now available: GoFullPage on Microsoft Edge

You asked, we listened!

We first launched GoFullPage (then known as Full Page Screen Capture) in the Chrome Web Store on November 6th, 2012. Now, almost a decade later, our app has grown to 4mil+ users who have given us 4.9/5 stars in 50k+ reviews!

Something we have been hearing from our users was a desire to see our app on the Microsoft Edge browser. So we are happy to announce that we’ve successfully added our extension to Microsoft Edge Add-Ons!

Where to download GoFullPage

Our product can be downloaded from the official Chrome Web Store page or the official Microsoft Edge Add-ons page (it takes less than a minute). Extensions on any other browsers are unsanctioned versions not endorsed or operated by GoFullPage.

However, browsers running on Chromium allow users to download GoFullPage and use GoFullPage Premium from the Chrome Web Store—just make sure to only download our app from our official pages!

Getting started on Edge

After you’ve downloaded GoFullPage for Edge, our camera icon should show up next to the URL bar. If you aren’t seeing the camera icon to the right of the URL bar, it may be in the “Settings and more” menu: the button with three dots to the right of the URL bar. If you click on this button, it should open a menu of additional browser extensions you’ve downloaded. You can go a step further and right click on the GoFullPage camera icon and select “Move to the toolbar” so that GoFullPage will always be visible on your browser bar!

From L to R: “Settings and more” menu, GoFullPage icon, Right click menu for GoFullPage icon

Edge keyboard shortcut

You can trigger the extension with alt+shift+p (it’s the same keyboard shortcut in Chrome!). Furthermore you can manage and edit browser extension keyboard shortcuts on the Edge settings page: edge://extensions/shortcuts.

Removing the Edge extension

If you would like to remove the Edge extension, just right-click on the extension icon in Edge and select “Remove from Microsoft Edge”. You can also go to the Edge Extensions settings page (edge://extensions/) to remove the extension there. If you’d like to try the extension again in the future, then feel free to find us once more in the on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page!

Edge Add-on vs. Chrome Extension in Edge

Many of our users on Edge have already been using our Chrome Extension on the Edge browser because they have enabled “Allow extensions from other stores”, which enables use of Chrome extensions on the Edge browser.

For any of our Edge users who may already have the extension installed from the Chrome Web Store, please limit your installation to just one or the other on your browser. So if you switch over to the Edge version, please uninstall the Chrome Web Store version.

We make this recommendation because the icons will appear identical and our premium log-in will only work on one of the extensions in that browser if two are installed.

Let us know what other browsers you’d like to see us support next!


GoFullPage Chrome Web Store

GoFullPage Microsoft Edge Add-on

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