Introducing GoFullPage

We are moving on from the name Full Page Screen Capture, and will now be operating as GoFullPage!

In 2012, I was looking for a way to take a pixel-perfect screenshot of an entire webpage, specifically for a site that was too long and wide for a simple printscreen screenshot of my viewport.

I quickly discovered that:

  1. The in-browser “Print…” feature doesn’t print the page as it looks on-screen
  2. Available extensions and tools that I tried were not stitching various sections of the page together properly

So, with the foolish tenacity of a web developer, I went ahead and built the product I needed. With the code for this singular function ready to go, I looked for a name that was as descriptive as possible. “Full Page Screenshot” already existed (and at the time was part of discovery #2 above), so the name “Full Page Screen Capture” was the winner!

Over the last 8 years, I have listened closely to users’ experiences across a wide variety of use cases. With this feedback, I have been able to build the most effective and accurate Chrome extension for capturing a screenshot of a full webpage—which also shows in the strong user base and highest rating of any screenshot extension in the Chrome web store.

Now with a fully-developed support ticket system—having responded to thousands of customer support tickets—and new premium annotating and editing features, it came time to revisit the 8-year old name. Working through this with Claire who runs product, we liked and chose the name GoFullPage because it reflects and simplifies the initial core name and service, while also gesturing to the convenience of our tool for anyone reading, saving, viewing, sharing, editing, and annotating web-pages for personal or professional uses.

Additionally, we’ve heard from customers that the most identifiable tell for our product has been the quirky progress bar that lets you know with its munching progress how far down the page the app has gone. Not to worry, GoFullPage’s hungry progress indicator will still be munching away!

We are the same team and this is the same product you’ve used and loved. We remain committed to giving you the highest-quality, most versatile, and convenient product. Come along with us and GoFullPage! undefined

For my previous posts about this Chrome Extension see below:

Additional links for GoFullPage (formerly Full Page Screen Capture):

31 replies on “Introducing GoFullPage”

It’s incredible. It’s my ONLY go-to full page screen capture. I use it almost daily and A LOT! I absolutely love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your brilliant design and creation.

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I’ll tell you right now, there’s no way in hell I’d be caught without this thing now. It’s a lot more powerful and stable than others I’ve had to deal with. It took a lot more work to kill it on a big job and it seems quicker, too. It’s tough to find a good addon in a minefield of trash and exact source clones of shady tools under different names, so stopping on one like this is what gave me a lot of confidence. The name change is still scary, because people always say things like that before something goes wrong, but I’ll have faith.

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We are so grateful for your loyalty and support!! We hear you on the name change fears, and we want to assure you we’re the same folks running the same extension. We discovered our last name left us quite vulnerable trademark-wise, so our new name will help us cope with those copycat extensions! – Claire from GoFullPage

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I’m SO pleased to read this message. One of my favorite (and most used?) Chrome extensions is evolving and not dying. GoFullPage is indispensable for website designers like me who need to see entire pages as a thumbnail to look at our own work and be inspired by others.

There was a really awesome Mac app years ago (called Layers, i think) that i used to use. But, it doesn’t work on new macs and you work well with CloudApp so i LOVE you!

BTW, maybe change the extension logo to include a thumbnail of a long webpage? Like a skinny rectangle or something. I always have to remind myself before i click on a camera icon that i’m about to create a png of a web page. Tu vois?

Anyway… you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. I’d give you $12 but you don’t accept Paypal. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hello, I also love your extension. fyi I made this alternate extension icon for my own use because I have a dark theme on my browser and the camera icon is hard for me to see. If you want it, happy to give to you.

Here’s what it looks like:

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I love your product and constant improvement. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and purchased a premium account last year. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
Keep munching pages! 😀

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hoy lo conocí, pero me estoy durmiendo but mañana haré mis tomas pendientes, las que vi se observan fantásticas. ¿Tiene corrector de ortografía?.

Hasta pronto.

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This is the most reliable and my most appreciated extension for Chrome. Really, for any browser. I use this so much it’s ridiculous. And it has saved me days, weeks—if not months of work over the years. THE BEST, hands down. Thank you for everything you do.

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Love this extension so much I went Premium just to support you guys and gals. And GoFullPage is a great name change and will make it easier for people to refer and find you.

Keep up the work!

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An excellent choice for a superb extension. I went Premium in May just to support you guys and gals. And the name change to GoFullPage will help to refer and find the extension more easily.

Keep up the work.

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Very useful extension. I love how fast and easy it captures the screen. The point I most love about it is that I can also get screen capture for mobile screen or tablet. It smartly doesn’t capture the inspect area! Love it!


I used to make scrolling screenshots using FastStone Capture but since newer Chrome versions came out, the scrollbar is scrolling so fast now, that FastStone can’t keep up with the scrolling and the screenshots look distorted from top to bottom, like disrupted in the middle of it.

Since then i’m using your extension and the screenshots are simply perfect again.

Would totally recommend it.

Keep up the great work.


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