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The Easiest Way to Save and Share a Tweet Thread

For preserving the pieces of wisdom you find on Twitter, GoFullPage is your go-to!

Twitter threads are an incredibly easy-to-read, compelling interface for learning and sharing information. For saving Tweets within Twitter, you can “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”, but if the Tweet or thread is ever deleted, you won’t be able to see it any longer. And for saving entire threads, you can tag @threadreaderapp on Twitter, who will then create a new link and webpage with the fully “unrolled” Tweet. However, this requires tweeting/tagging Thread Reader App, and then opening a new page.

Twitter menu when you click on “Share” Tweet

We’re happy to help with providing an even quicker and more convenient way of saving and even downloading your Twitter threads for offline reading and sharing.

For example, we recently came across a long Twitter thread chock full of incredible information about email marketing by Mike Arsenault, founder of Rejoiner:

We like to save articles that we find interesting on our shared drive for future reference and learnings, so we were able to use our app to turn this amazing 18-tweet thread into an easy-to-read PDF.

Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps!

  1. Minimize the width of the page until the right sidebar vanishes and the text fills the window.

2. Engage our 1-click extension.

3. And finally, save as PDF!

If you’d like to try this out,

Download GoFullPage from Chrome Web Store:

GoFullPage Premium (for text-optimized smart page splitting on PDFs):

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