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A Quick Tip for Saving your Favorite Recipes

How to create your own cookbook from your favorite online recipes!

Thanks to an explosion of food blogs and various forms of food media in the last decade, it’s easier than ever to find a tasty, quick, and easy recipe. For a novice chef, following these recipes on a digital device can add to the stress of being new to the kitchen: how do you check for the next step of the recipe when you have food prep all over your hands and your phone screen has turned off??

Many chefs, novice and experienced alike, prefer paper copies of their favorite recipes in the kitchen. And while there are a huge number of ways to store the recipes you find online in a digital format, we can offer the best solution for anyone looking to translate a recipe they see online to a printable page!

Many blogs and cooking websites out there have a handy “Print Recipe” icon that translates all the key ingredients, cook time, directions, and yield into an easy-to-read printable format. What do you do though when you’re not finding a print function, or the print function is yielding something unreadable?

A handy print-recipe function found on many blogs and websites

Enter GoFullPage!

I recently came across what looked like a fantastic and simple recipe on Chrissy Teigen’s food blog, Cravings. The page was beautifully designed and the photos and text were very clear and helpful, but the print function wasn’t working on the page.

I engaged GoFullPage (with a single click of the GoFullPage icon), and was able to take a screenshot of the entire page. I then used GoFullPage’s Premium features to crop and re-title the page.


Cropping the page down to just the ingredients, yield, and instructions

Adding Text:

With the title cropped out, adding the title of the recipe back to the page

I could then save the recipe in PDF form, print a hardcopy, and refer to it happily in the kitchen as I gave the recipe a try. (FYI, this recipe was easy and very delicious 🙂)

When you’re done with the recipe, you could even return to your screenshot to add comments and tweak how you make it next time! After doing this with enough recipes, you can put together your own custom cookbook, filled with the recipes you find yourself coming back to over and over again.

GoFullPage is here to capture your webpage screen exactly as you see it, and in this case, translate your computer screen into a readable, hardcopy page for your kitchen counter!

Visit the Chrome Web Store to download GoFullPage in the Chrome Web Store, and visit our website to learn more about GoFullPage Premium’s annotating and editing tools.

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