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How to Screenshot an Entire Email

Going beyond your email’s print function

For archiving and saving important emails, your email service’s native print function will likely work just fine.

Most email services these days have a native print function that allows you to print an individual email or an entire thread with time and date, recipient and sender, subject line, and the email service’s logo maximally affixed somewhere in the header of the page.

However for archiving that needs to go beyond your email’s print function, here’s how GoFullPage can be an email archiver’s best friend!

Saving an email’s content without email metadata

Take, for example, this email I received from the High Line earlier today:

A nice-looking email that goes below the fold

I wanted to save the content of the email but I didn’t want to preserve the email metadata. Using Gmail’s printing function appears as so:

Print function gives unwanted metadata and email branding

So, I clicked on the GoFullPage camera icon, which took a scrolling screenshot of the entire page (including the sidebars and header), and used GoFullPage Premium to crop everything from the image I didn’t want included anymore. Et voila:

The entire email as an image (image size displayed small here for blog readability)

And if you wanted to save the email as a PDF, our page-splitting tech is able to optimize the page formatting to ensure text is not cut-off by the page break:

Email cropped and saved as an 8.5″x11″ PDF

For anyone saving, archiving, or sharing content from newsletters and emails who needs a solution that goes beyond the native email print function, here’s why GoFullPage is the tool for you 📸

For cropping and page-splitting features, here’s where you can sign up for GoFullPage Premium:

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