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How The Notion Bar Creates Beautiful Products with GoFullPage

Frances Odera Matthews at The Notion Bar is making the web a better, and more beautiful, place

Frances Odera Matthews started the Notion Bar in May of 2020, gaining an audience of over 1,500 in 6 months. She’s built a loyal following due to her authentic, hyper-relevant musings on tech.

Her platform, The Notion Bar, was born when she stumbled into the Notion community after exploring solo for a couple years. She was wowed by how engaged the community was, but saddened by the heavy ‘tech-bro’ and productivity-obsessed culture. She noticed a gap for voices like hers who wanted to fuse their love of Notion with pop culture, diversity, and aesthetics.

For example, growing up flipping through magazines, she cultivated a love for vibrant and expressive layouts. When she started creating content online, she found herself looking for a way to move outside the tyranny of web blogging’s single-column vertical scrolling. This inspired one of her flagship products, The Notion-Zine. The Notion-Zine is a template for writers and creators who want to share their work on the web in a dynamic magazine style format.

The Notion-Zine, a treasure trove of Notion templates for magazine-like blog layouts

Frances has become an expert in using Notion to create eye-popping layouts and visual elements for today’s increasingly sophisticated webpages. She’s now sharing the templates she’s created for herself with a wider audience on The Notion Bar

Which brings us to her love of GoFullPage and our premium editor! GoFullPage has been the only way she’s been able to document her Notion templates, showcase her work, and annotate or edit screenshots to communicate the most effective visuals.

Here are three examples of GoFullPage at work on The Notion Bar:

Showcasing webpage templates for marketing purposes

With GoFullPage, Frances has been able to print and showcase her Notion templates, exactly as they will appear on a screen for anyone who purchases her book of templates, the Notion-Zine.

Annotating a user journey

Frances was able to use our premium editing tool to clearly communicate how a user would scroll through one of her desktop templates on mobile. Adding shapes and text to your screenshots has never been easier!

Displaying virtual storefronts in a directory

Frances has been using her platform and skills to aggregate a directory of UK Black-Owned E-commerce brands. GoFullPage has been essential for including visual content from brands with a digital storefront. For example, Frances was able to use GoFullPage to showcase the brand Azzella:

If you are as inspired by Frances’ work as we are, here’s more of where you can find her: 
And here’s where you can give GoFullPage Premium a try to complement all of your digital projects:

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