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What is GoFullPage?

Getting Started with GoFullPage

Key Points

  • GoFullPage is a one-click app that helps you document what you see on the web, exactly as you see it on your screen.
  • GoFullPage automates the process of scrolling a page and manually stitching together screenshots of an entire webpage.
  • GoFullPage Premium offers additional editing and annotating tools such as cropping, textboxes, shapes, emojis, datestamp, and URL/browser rendering.

What we do

A couple days ago, I was talking to a good friend in branding and marketing who is putting together a competitive landscape of her industry. We were sharing the different problems we’re tackling in our respective startups, and she asked,

“…wait, what does your app do again?”

I shared with her that what GoFullPage does is quite simple. With one click, it takes a screenshot of an entire webpage by:

  1. scrolling the page and taking a screenshot of each visible screen
  2. stitching the results together
  3. resulting in a complete picture of the full page!

She let out an audible yelp and exclaimed, “you’re telling me I don’t have to scroll page after page, trying to cobble together screenshots to create images of the landing pages of our competitors?”

“This is exactly, exactly what I needed!”

Simple and indispensable

For the wide range of webpage designs across the internet, we are often the only solution for capturing an image of the entire webpage. Other solutions:

  • can only capture the visible portion of the page
  • can only capture public URLs
  • cannot accommodate some of the more common, yet complicated iframes, banners, and feeds we’ve optimized for

In addition to creating an indispensable tool, we’ve focused heavily on creating an extremely lightweight and straightforward user experience. We’ve prioritized the simplicity of a one-push marquee screenshotting feature, while allowing advanced optionality for anyone seeking further product customization.

With a single click, you can create marketing material from your online work, document online inspiration from social media profiles, put together a legal specimen of your website for a trademark application, keep track of changes on competitors’ websites, or print an interesting article for reading offline. Follow this blog to hear about more use cases and helpful tips!

Using GoFullPage

Visit the Google Chrome Webstore to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser:

Once the extension is successfully added to your Chrome browser, it will either appear as a gray camera to the right of your Address Bar, or in your extension menu (the puzzle piece icon). Pro-tip: if the GoFullPage icon is in your extension menu, make sure to pin the extension for ease of access!

From left to right:
GoFullPage app icon,
Chrome puzzle piece icon (for the extension menu),
pin extension icon

Now you’re all set to start taking one-click screenshots of entire webpages! Just click on the GoFullPage camera icon to give it a try.

Getting around GoFullPage

On the Options page, you can configure your GoFullPage account according to your capture and download preferences (image format, PDF size, save as dialog). 

On the Files page, you can view, download, or delete your screenshot history. Screenshots are only saved on the browser they are taken on!

Click on the Download image or Download PDF icons to download the screenshot in the file type of your choice.

Click on the Delete image icon to delete the screenshot.

Click on the Report issue icon in order to let us know if something went wrong. When you report an issue through this page, we are able to see the URL of the page you were capturing, as well as your app version, browser type, and operating system. 

Click on the Edit icon to use our premium editing and annotating tool!

The future of GoFullPage

We’re continuing to listen closely to what our 4 million users are sharing about what they’d like to see from our tool, but stay tuned for future support of GoFullPage for legal and business intelligence purposes! Sound off in the comments with how you use GoFullPage and how it makes your life easier.

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