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How to Screenshot your Webpage for a Trademark

The most pain-free, low-cost way of creating a specimen for your trademark submission!

For brands and companies that have an online presence or storefront, the most appropriate specimen for a trademark application is often your currently active website. We put together this helpful guide to show you how to use GoFullPage to meet the USPTO’s trademark application requirements!

Taking a screenshot of your webpage

GoFullPage is the #1 solution for taking a screenshot of your entire webpage—exactly as it appears on your screen. The extension has solved this problem for capturing the vast majority of webpage designs, and does it all for free with our easy-to-install browser extension. With one click, you can capture a website like Ringly’s, and print out a PNG or PDF like this:

With 4,000,000+ users, over 46,000 reviews, and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars – we are the #1 solution for capturing your webpage.

Adding a URL and datestamp

Effective February 15, 2020, the USPTO now requires that webpage specimens be submitted with:

  • the URL for the web page of the specimen
  • the date the page was accessed or printed

You can use GoFullPage’s premium tools to add these URLs and datestamps in four ways:

Enabling these features:

In the Editor, go to the “More” menu and “URL/Browser”, then select the URL style you prefer and check “include date”:

Adding URL/Browser and Datestamp in the Premium Editor

Alternatively, you can set regular PDF downloads to include this as well by going to the Options page (via the gear icon) and enabling the “Add URL and date” setting:

Adding URL/datestamp on all PDFs downloaded from GoFullPage

Go ahead and give the URL and datestamp feature a try with a free 7-day trial of GoFullPage Premium! And make sure to review the full USPTO website for comprehensive information regarding trademark filing and to consult appropriate legal counsel before submitting an application.

Interested in more features for legal uses? Check out our soon-to-be-released legal product here!

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