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Optimizing Online Collaboration with GoFullPage: Insights from Simplify, Simplify CEO Liz August

How Liz August uses GoFullPage for universal communication

How Liz August uses GoFullPage for universal communication

Liz August is the CEO of a business called Simplify, Simplify, which helps female coaches and online entrepreneurs manage the tech and admin side of their businesses. Her team uses their extensive experience with numerous online platforms to take care of their clients’ tech and admin needs, while also providing strategic assessment and delivery. She has simplified the businesses and lives of more than 100 coaches & online service providers, giving them back much-needed time and bandwidth, so they can get back to the part of their work they specialize in and care about.

We got to sit down with Liz recently and hear about how she delivers quality results to her clientele while juggling her workload and communicating across disciplines. We heard from Liz how GoFullPage helps smooth the everyday friction that comes up when working online and in a visual medium.

I use GoFullPage daily for design of sales pages and websites!

Liz August, CEO of Simplify, Simplify

GoFullPage: a tool for universal communication

Liz works with designers across the world, and even when everyone working on a project speaks the same language, miscommunication is rife. With the proliferation of online tools, there are more and more projects where nontechnical people can make contributions—but issues can pop up when a nontechnical person needs to communicate to a designer or web developer.

Liz has found that working exclusively with visuals means speaking a common, universal language. Technical people like designers and developers require precision and clear communication. For nontechnical people and also people working across language barriers, they can meet these strict requirements with ease by sharing screenshots.

Furthermore, while screen recording tools are useful, they are not always appropriate: clients or collaborators might not take the time to watch a whole video, and might prefer the instant gratification or easier portability of an image.

For these reasons, Liz has discovered that using screenshots taken by GoFullPage is the best way to communicate with clients and her technical team to bring a project to success 💪.

I make the $12 back in the first hour that I use it, every year.

Liz August, CEO of Simplify, Simplify

Liz’s hot tip: Google Drive + GoFullPage

Liz shared with us a cool collaboration trick: after she takes a screenshot of an entire page in GoFullPage, she can upload it to a shared Google Drive folder. Inside Google Drive, she can highlight sections of the page and add a comment that a collaborator or client can then view and reply to.

Screenshot of a GoFullPage full page screenshot uploaded and commented on in Google Drive.

When Liz needs more specific or advanced editing tools for her screenshots, she can turn to GoFullPage Premium, with its additional options such as colors, size, and weight.

A screenshot of the GoFullPage Editor page, with an additional comment showing what a different color of blue would look like in the same section.

Depending on the task at hand, Liz is a pro at knowing and maximizing online tools in order to supercharge her clients’ businesses. GoFullPage and GoFullPage Premium are a part of her essential toolkit 🔨⛏️

Thanks for rescuing my life every day! – Liz August

Liz August, CEO of Simplify, Simplify

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