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Why GoFullPage is integral to your Email Marketing toolkit

A look at how Naomi West uses GoFullPage in her successful email marketing consultancy

Email is still king

Today, email drives an average ROI of $36 per dollar, which makes email marketing an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy. Many businesses don’t know where to begin with optimizing this important marketing channel, so finding the right email marketer can make a huge difference in the success of your campaigns.

For that expertise, happy businesses have turned to Naomi West, an award-winning email marketer who helps her customers reach their target audiences and marketing goals.

Naomi is a self-described “email geek”, who works with SaaS companies looking to create relationships with their subscribers. For Naomi, email is the best channel because of how subscribers opt-in and how engaged an email audience can be, compared to other social media avenues. Additionally, the webpage-like layout of emails lends itself to creativity; the page is an empty canvas! For capturing those entire webpage-like layouts into a single screenshot, Naomi turns to GoFullPage.

Lots of email marketers currently struggle to document their emails, and GoFullPage has been a total lifesaver for me. It’s also been key to me for creating my personal brand.

Naomi West, award-winning email marketer & founder of Email Characters

How Naomi uses GoFullPage

When Naomi begins working with a new client, she sits them down to discuss what makes a great opt-in experience and how they want the user experience to be shaped. She then combines her expertise with her clients’ needs to design their custom email program. In delivering her solution, she tells her clients a visual story, walking them through every step of the process. This is where screenshots are integral to Naomi’s work. With screenshots as opposed to links, she can control visually exactly what her clients are seeing and experiencing of the flow.

Here are some screenshots Naomi might take with GoFullPage for a consultation:

1. Examples of how other e-commerce brands gather email addresses on landing pages:

2. Examples or drafts of emails as they appear in an inbox:

And she can use GoFullPage Premium’s cropping tools to crop down to just the important parts of the email. Naomi has a whole Google Drive of images of saved emails!

The above examples are just a few ways GoFullPage can help out your email marketing, with uses that range from inspiration and documentation, from an expert email marketer.

I don’t ever want to lose sleep over email, and I don’t want to ever take myself too seriously. I just want to have fun—that’s how all marketing should be!

Naomi West, award-winning email marketer & founder of Email Characters

We’re glad to be useful to Naomi’s work, and hope she can spread her joyful approach to email far and wide!

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