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How this Product Designer at Memo uses GoFullPage for Cross-Functional Communication

Why GoFullPage is a must-have collaboration tool

Chelsea Coorts is a product designer at Memo, a transformative data platform for PR measurement. As a product designer, Chelsea has to communicate across many teams in the organization, from design to engineering to marketing. She relies heavily on visuals for that purpose, and in her own words:

As product designers, we sit in an interesting position between engineering, marketing, and product; and we are constantly translating across these groups. Images are an important part of storytelling, because people absorb images much faster than reading.

Chelsea Coorts, Product Designer at Memo

GoFullPage: for getting up to speed, and then blasting off 🚀

1. Getting up to speed with her own team

When Chelsea first started at Memo, she wanted to provide value quickly and jumpstart how she could contribute to the team. As a designer, it can take a long time to get onboarded, and Chelsea wanted to move as fast as the rest of her team right from the start.

By communicating via the language of screenshots—both with ones she captures and ones taken by team members—Chelsea could be in the mix right out of the gate. Whenever she joins a new team, she asks her teammates to download GoFullPage, so they can share screenshots while reviewing designs and performing visual QA—vastly accelerating the process and reducing the team’s effort.

2. Blast-off for cross-functional collaboration 🚀

After the workflow with her teammates has been transformed by GoFullPage, she can use the extension to supercharge how she communicates with other teams.

She is often working closely with engineering in order to create screens or new components. As they are building, she is able to visually QA her own work and screenshot errors as they exist in the browser to be fixed quickly and with little fuss. She can use screenshots to speak to engineers in an objective, shared language.

She also has to work closely with marketing, as the department might request screenshots of new interfaces, features, or products for their content. With GoFullPage, she can address marketing’s design needs quickly, and return sooner to design work.

And while screen recording videos are helpful for when Chelsea needs to explain something, GoFullPage screenshots are quicker to make, and quicker to read for highly effective communication.

Screenshots can operate as a universal, single source of truth. With screenshots, you can ensure everyone is on the same page.

Chelsea Coorts, Product Designer at Memo

Chelsea is a rockstar product designer, and we are proud of how GoFullPage complements and accelerates her work at Memo!

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