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The Best Way to Showcase Squarespace Mockups

How Christy Price captures and shares her webpage designs

Christy Price is an Austin, Texas, based Squarespace web designer with over 20 years’ experience crafting beautiful, engaging websites. She loves working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and level up their websites.

After trying many different platforms, Christy made the decision to go all-in on Squarespace because the platform is easy to use, offers built-in responsive design and SEO, and has beautiful templates. Squarespace allows Christy to create beautiful websites for her happy clients, but how does she share, document, and present her work? Read on for how Christy uses GoFullPage alongside her Squarespace designs.

GoFullPage and Squarespace

Webpage design is an iterative process, with few ways to document the various stages of design for feedback and record-keeping. Christy uses GoFullPage every day, and at every stage of her design process, for healthy and happy client communication and also to promote her work. GoFullPage is the most reliable way for her to capture an entire webpage design in its entirety, as she’s designed it to look on the web. Here are some examples:


A mock-up created by Christy for a digital marketing agency (

Mock-ups used in social media

The above mock-up posted to Christy’s Instagram profile

Sales pages

An example full page template image for a sales pages on Christy’s site

Design change documentation

Christy also takes “Before” and “After” screenshots of each site she designs, so her clients can see how much and exactly what has changed. Squarespace sites can’t be backed up, so the “After” screenshots serve as a record of the site at launch for Christy’s own records!

GoFullPage Premium Editor

A screenshot of the GoFullPage Premium Editor, with cropping and comments on a page from Christy’s website

For quick and convenient commenting, cropping, and annotating, webpage designers like Christy also make use of GoFullPage’s Premium Editor. No need to export and import GoFullPage screenshots into other design programs!

I use GoFullPage every day in my business and love it! It’s the perfect tool for Squarespace web designers to capture our sites at handoff and to showcase our builds in mockups.

Christy Price

A quick tip for using GoFullPage with Squarespace

Screencapture pro-tip: publish your Squarespace page briefly or behind a password in order to take a GoFullPage screenshot of a draft page.

GoFullPage doesn’t always work to capture Squarespace preview pages given the way the page is rendered and managed by Squarespace.

Happy screenshotting! Don’t hesitate to write into our customer support channel with any questions or comments.

Helpful links

If you are an entrepreneur looking to bring your web presence to life, contact Christy for your web development needs! For DIYers looking for modern and minimal Squarespace templates, you can also check out her fantastic Squarespace Templates.

To download our free app: GoFullPage for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

To try our Premium Editor:

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