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Create the best visuals for your YouTube videos with GoFullPage

How Connor Higgins uses GoFullPage to add compelling images to his video projects

A fascinating channel about game show history

Connor Higgins’ YouTube Channel

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of America’s game shows, you should check out Connor Higgins’ YouTube channel. In his videos, Connor goes behind-the-scenes on some of America’s most beloved TV shows. His content is thoroughly researched, expertly-produced, and, most of all, entertaining!

What makes his videos so fun to watch are the visuals accompanying his deep dives. For images requiring web screenshots, we are happy to be one of the essentials in his toolkit!

GoFullPage for video production

When citing primary sources, Connor often takes full page screenshots of webpages. These images are then panned and zoomed for the video, and they need to maintain a high resolution as they move. He found the best tool for the job: GoFullPage!

For a recent example, his last upload was a video about Family Feud’s Ray Combs revival.

He covers a lot of ground in this video and makes use of striking visuals for his narration. In addition to archival footage, he often presents screenshots of notable quotes and articles:

These primary sources provide invaluable, contemporaneous commentary and perspective. He presents these sources to great effect in his videos.

Here’s a look behind the curtain on Connor’s production process:

Original article link. Full screenshot before it is zoomed and panned in the video.
Screenshot zoomed and panned.
Relevant section highlighted.

it’s absolutely perfect for this. no issues, no notes, five stars, give it a whirl
—Connor Higgins

Watch the whole video here to see how he presents his content in a compelling way. And to learn about a fascinating episode in the history of Family Feud!

Helpful links

If you want to learn more about TV history or to watch entertaining videos, be sure to watch and subscribe to Connor’s YouTube channel!

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