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Improved cropping is here

Our cropping tool will now move with the scroll of the page—a much improved experience for those long screenshots!

An update

For GoFullPage versions 7.4 and earlier, our cropping tool was unable to move with the scroll of the page. Given that we specialize in screenshots of entire webpages, images that tend to extend below the fold, this meant the premium cropping experience could be inconvenient.

Thankfully, our users reported this experience and asked for a much-needed improvement that we released with version 7.5!

Now when you visit our Editor, visit the “More” menu, and select “Crop Image”, you should be able to drag the crop toggle and the page will scroll with you. Like so:

Dragging the cropping toggle will now scroll the page!

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Happy cropping ✂✂✂

Helpful links

To download GoFullPage on Google Chrome:

To download GoFullPage on Microsoft Edge:

To try our Premium Editor:

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