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Quick Tip: The Right-Click Menu

To get the most out of GoFullPage, make sure you’re using our right-click menu!

We love hearing about all the ways GoFullPage improves our users’ workflows! Here’s a handy tip to speed things up even more: the right-click menu.

What happens when you right click on a GoFullPage screenshot?

The next time you engage the extension by clicking on our camera icon, your screenshot will render in our main extension page. On this page, try right-clicking on the image to see what comes up:

The right-click menu on a GoFullPage screenshot.

This right-click menu consists of:

  • Save Image As…
  • Save PDF As…
  • Copy Image
  • Edit Image (Premium feature)
  • Copy original URL
  • Open original URL

While we have buttons on the main view header for saving as an image and/or PDF, the right-click menu is where you can copy the image, copy the image’s original URL, and open the image’s original URL.

The right-click dialog also shows the keyboard shortcuts for a number of commands:

  • Save image: ctrl+s (Windows), cmd+s (Mac)
  • Copy image: ctrl+c (Windows), cmd+c (Mac)
  • Edit image: ctrl+e (Windows), cmd+e (Mac)

For multi-page images (when a webpage is too large to be captured in a single image), our right-click menu includes additional options for copying or editing specific pages (see marquee image above). And we also have a streamlined right-click menu in our editor:

The right-click menu in the Editor for a GoFullPage screenshot.

We hope this was helpful, and you can let us know in the comments what right-click menu options you’d like to see in future! 📷 Happy screenshotting 📸

Helpful links

To download GoFullPage on Google Chrome:

To download GoFullPage on Microsoft Edge:

To try our Premium Editor:

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