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How CityPASS uses GoFullPage to Monitor and Protect its Online Brand

For marketing and media relations professionals, GoFullPage is an invaluable tool for keeping track of, and securing, your brand

City Pass®, Inc. (dba “CityPASS®”) is a company that bundles discounted admission to the top attractions in 15 North American destinations: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, Tampa Bay, and Toronto. If you’ve visited or lived in any of these cities, you’ve probably seen the CityPASS logo at important cultural attractions:

A screenshot from the City Pass, Inc. website, with some of the locations where City Pass, Inc. operates.

City Pass, Inc., has two teams responsible for monitoring, promoting, and protecting its brand: the media relations and marketing teams. These teams have been using GoFullPage as an important part of their work and we had a chance to speak with Deborah Wakefield, Vice President of Media Relations, who shared with us some tips on how GoFullPage fits into their workflows.

GoFullPage lets us work faster and smarter. It makes saving articles so much less frustrating and allows us to focus on more important tasks.

Deborah Wakefield, Vice President of Media Relations for City Pass, Inc.

GoFullPage for media relations and marketing

Monitoring online coverage of CityPASS tickets and programs

The media relations team at City Pass, Inc., works with journalists and influencers who are writing articles and/or creating content featuring both CityPASS tickets and the company’s partner destinations and attractions. In calendar year 2022, the CityPASS media relations team interacted with 981 international and domestic journalists!

This team also monitors all media coverage that mentions CityPASS tickets. When they find particularly great examples of CityPASS ticket coverage online, they use GoFullPage to capture the article.

A screenshot from the We Said Go Travel blog highlighting a recent CityPASS experience.

It’s so much easier than taking screenshots and then “stitching” all those screenshots together in a PDF. GoFullPage is a huge timesaver.

Deborah Wakefield, Vice President of Media Relations for City Pass, Inc.
Documenting trademark infringement

The marketing team at City Pass, Inc., is tasked with not only promoting the ticket brand, but also with protecting the brand and its marks by closely monitoring any potential trademark infringement instances. This includes following up promptly with anyone who knowingly or accidentally may be violating the legally protected trademarks of City Pass, Inc.

The marketing team does this by monitoring websites for any possible trademark violations or infringement, and saving these examples for the company’s legal counsel. GoFullPage lets the team quickly save a website page in its entirety and GoFullPage’s URL and timestamp premium features further allow the team to make a complete record of the possible violation.

A screenshot of the CityPASS website, with the URL, datestamp, and timestamp created by GoFullPage Premium.

Make sure to go premium

For these brand protection and preservation purposes, GoFullPage Premium adds a set of important features to support City Pass, Inc.

1. URL and Timestamp
URL and timestamp can be added automatically to every PDF from within the “Options” page, or added manually via the Premium Editor and the “Formatting” tab.
2. Annotating and Editing
From the “Shapes” menu: Rectangle (yellow fill, 20% opacity), Arrow, and Text

GoFullPage Premium costs $12USD/year, and includes a 7-day free trial. Try it here:!

Helpful links

The next time you take a trip to a large US city, make sure to check out the deals at City Pass, Inc.!

To download our free app: GoFullPage for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

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