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GoFullPage Premium Editor V2: updated and improved!

Some menu options have moved (and we now support new timestamp formats)

We’ve been having many conversations with our users since the launch of our Premium Editor and have been pushing updates to make our editing features more seamless and useful!

Before: Editor V1

Our legacy Premium Editor format, as it would look in GoFullPage versions 7.6 and earlier. Red boxes indicate which menu options have changed.

Since our initial launch, we’ve added features and functionality such as:

  • Smart page splitting to prevent lines of text from being cut by page breaks
  • URL/web browser rendering updates
  • Datestamp

With our newest launch in GoFullPage Version 7.7, we’ve added a timestamp feature and also made key changes to the Editor format. Keep reading for details on what we’ve changed ⬇⬇⬇

After: Editor V2

Our main focus in this update was to keep our Editor options uncluttered while improving access and usability for our most popular features. Here are the highlights, moving left to right along the top toolbar:

1. Shapes & Stickers

“Stickers” are now in the “Shapes” menu!

Don’t worry, our “Stickers” haven’t gone away! Our “Stickers” have been moved into the “Shapes” menu. You can still access the same emojis and the “search…” element as before.

2. Formatting

New menu option: “Formatting”

Previously, several of our most popular features were nested in the “More” menu, which wasn’t always an obvious location. We’ve popped these features out of “More” and moved them to a dedicated “Formatting” menu on the toolbar. “Formatting” is also where the new timestamp feature can be found (within “URL / Date”).

For the productivity whizzes out there, remember that you can still use the same keyboard shortcuts for these commands:

  • “c” for crop
  • “u” for URL/date
  • “p” for padding/border

And, be sure to check out our new *timestamp* feature! You can now stamp your images with not only the date, but also the time:

3. More

Several features have been moved from the “More” menu to the “Formatting” menu, but it is otherwise unchanged!

While several important formatting features have been moved out of “More” to their own menu, all other options on the “More” menu remain the same.

Another productivity tip: if you always use the same colors or other settings, check out the “Set theme defaults” feature so you can set your defaults once and reuse them on all your new screenshots.

4. Premium features on the Options page

Date/time defaults can now be configured for PDF export, without having to visit the Editor for each download.

We know some users love being able to add the URL and capture date automatically to their PDF exports. (Side note: did you know that the page URL is a clickable link in the exported PDF?) We have added the ability to specify alternate date and time formats in these options, so you can export just as you like!

Demo Video

To sum, here’s a demo video that shows how to navigate our new and improved Premium Editor. Happy editing!

Helpful links

To download our free app: GoFullPage for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

To try our new and improved Premium Editor:

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